Ammar Idlibi


Ammar Idlibi - What Does it Take to Succeed as a Pediatric Dentistry

Ammar Idlibi is a successful pediatric dentist in Bristol, Connecticut. He was the Chief Pediatric Dentist at the Rama Dental Center in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for three years. In 2000, he decided to officially immigrate to the United States and open a practice in Connecticut. He is a successful pediatric dentist and entrepreneur. There are several traits and habits that successful pediatric dentists share.

Successful pediatric dentists know how to work with children. It is essential that these professionals know how to talk to children and adolescents. It is common for children to be nervous or fidgety when they go to visit a dentist. Therefore, pediatric dentists should know how to calm children down, and how to work with them.

Successful pediatric dentists also take to the time to education children and their parents on proper oral hygiene and dental practices. It is important to teach children how to brush and floss properly at an early age. It is also important to education parents about how large amount of sugary beverages can affect their children’s teeth.

Pediatric dentists often have the goal of preventing tooth decay at a young age. They also make sure that a child’s secondary teeth are growing on schedule. Successful pediatric dentists have a strong knowledge of the dental needs of children and adolescents.

Pediatric dentists can have a tough job because it can be difficult to treat young children. Ammar Idlibi is a dedicated pediatric dentist who cares about his patient’s dental health. He has his own practice and he works hard to educate and treat his patients. 

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