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Ammar Idlibi - Time Management Tips For Busy Dentists

Being an owner of three pediatric dental practices, Ammar Idlibi knows firsthand to manage time effectively. Here are some of his tips:
Become Inaccessible

When you are in the office, you probably have your employees coming to you asking lots of questions every few minutes. This diminishes their productivity as well as yours. The solution to this issue is simple: become inaccessible. Building a successful dental practice is not about outworking all your employees.

When you become inaccessible, you will discover that most of your employees function as well or better without you compared to when you are on-site. They will handle about eighty percent of everything in a satisfactory manner on their own. Sometimes, they will display outstanding excellence and in a few cases, the results will be unsatisfactory, but repairable.

Don’t Answer the Phone Right Away
Next, you need to get in control of your phone. Some dentists get conditioned that they need to respond to phone calls immediately. This not only disrupts their productivity, but also conveys a message of them not having anything better to do. Different people need to have different levels of access to you, but there’s hardly anything happening on Earth that can’t wait for an hour or two.

Set the Timer
One of the best things you can do to limit the length of interruptions is to let the other party know about your exit time. For example, you can say that you have a conference call or a meeting in fifteen minutes. People that like to drop-in will gradually get the message.

Ammar Idlibi is convinced that these tips can help any dentist free more time and have shorter and more productive conversations and meetings.

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