Ammar Idlibi


Ammar Idlibi - How to Work with Children

Ammar Idlibi studied pediatric dentistry at Tufts University and completed his initial pediatric training in 1992. He then finished a three-year fellowship program with the Department of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics at the University of Connecticut, School of Dental Medicine. He is highly trained and experienced in his field. He enjoys working with children and helping them keep their teeth strong. Working with children can be a challenge even for the most experienced professional.

If you want to work with children, you should go through a specialized training program. Working with children in the health care industry can be difficult. Most children do not want to be treated in the dentist’s office or the doctor’s office. Many pediatric health care professionals study child behavior so that they can better understand their patients.

You will also need training because children are different from adults. Children’s teeth need to be treated differently from adults’ teeth because they are not the same. Therefore, you will need technical training as well as psychological training.  

Experience can be an important step in working with children successfully. You will need to be able to communicate with children. You should gain experience working with children in healthcare, and you should have experience with children in general. If you know how to talk to them and communicate with them, it may be easier to treat them. Ammar Idlibi is an experienced and knowledgeable pediatric dentist in Bristol, Connecticut. He has been a pediatric dentist for more than 20 years and he enjoys working with children.   

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