Ammar Idlibi


Ammar Idlibi - Why Being A Great Dentist Is Not Enough When Building A Successful Dental Practice

As the owner of three successful pediatric dental practices in Connecticut, Ammar Idlibi is not a classroom theorist who likes to have philosophical discussions about building businesses. He came to the US as an immigrant student at the age of twenty-three, barely speaking English. He received medical degrees in some of the best schools in the country and has built his businesses from scratch.

A lot of inexperienced dentists think that they can build a successful business by simply doing great work. Unfortunately, being a great dentist does not ensure success and does not automatically lead to wealth.
If great work equaled money, there would be a lot of rich teachers, firefighters, and social workers in our society.
For better or worse, that’s not how things work in life. Doing a great job as a dentist is simply not enough. The reason for it is simple: your prospects do not use your work to decide whether to schedule an initial appointment with you.

Instead, they look at your website, look at the reviews on Google and Yelp, and ask their friends for a recommendation. All of these things are marketing.
After someone visits your office, they take into consideration not only the dental work, but also the level of service and friendliness of your staff.
A dental practice is not just a service business. It is also a relationship business.

This is why Ammar Idlibi recommends that all dentists who are serious about building their own practices become diligent students of marketing, entrepreneurship, and psychology.

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